Since the mid 1980's, Wake Thy Neighbor Corporation has served as the front end production company for the award winning Colorado band Great Exma, as well as commercial sound and video underscoring projects, and other new musical and recording endeavors including Shape Shifter, The Tritonesand the Voices of Nature Project.
WTN Corporation is dedicated to excellence and creativity in music composition, performance and high fidelity recordings. For further information, email, or write to Wake Thy Neighbor Corporation, 7531 W. Ottawa Pl., Littleton, CO 80128.

Voices of Nature: Australia Voices of Nature: Audio Imaging Australia (Volume 1) is the first in our Voices of Nature series, and features nature recordings of this fascinating continent made at remote locations in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

VON2_coverVoices of Nature: Audio Imaging Australia (Volume 2) is the second in our Voices of Nature series, and features nature recordings of this fascinating continent made at remote locations in Western Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania.
Shape Shifter: Small Shiny ObjectsShape Shifter: Small Shiny Objects - This album by the Colorado-based three-piece ensemble features  instrumental compositions by keyboardist Paul Murphey and guitar player James McGuire along with special guests. The album continues to receive radio airplay, and a follow-up offerring is in the works.   

Handy Pocket Item Album Cover Great Exma: Handy Pocket Item - Remixed and  remastered for the 20th Anniversary Edition, this 1987  classic was the second recording by this  Colorado-based progressive rock band. It features the  humorous and enigmatic title track that earned a spot on  the 1987 Colorado Songwriters Award Album.  

Circus Maximus Album Cover  Great Exma: Circus Maximus  - First released in  1986, this "epic rock" album, recorded at the Red Door  Studio in Boulder, was the first of Great Exma's three  albums. It features the instrumental "Paragon" that  earned awards in both the Elevox Open Jazz  Competition and the Colorado Composer's Classic.    

Dare to Dream Album Cover  Great Exma: Dare To Dream - In 1988, having  recently acquired 4th member guitarist Jim McGuire, Great Exma had  become a rock  music  powerhouse on the Colorado music scene! One of the  less epic and sillier tunes on the album,  "Rock the House," was  featured on the 1988 Colorado Songwriters Album.

Thumbs Up, Hands Down Cover  Tritones: Thumbs Up, Hands Down - Featuring the
 sizzling guitar work of James McGuire, this 2007
 instrumental release has received no awards or  recognition whatsoever. But, those in the know are hip to  its comprehensive exploration of multiple blues styles  from east coast to Texas, Chicago to the delta.