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Small Shiny Objects

     The wait is finally over! Shape Shifter has just released their latest album, entitled Small Shiny Objects. This compact disc by the Colorado-based three-piece ensemble features a full hour of original instrumental compositions by keyboardist Paul Murphey and guitar player James McGuire. The CD package features award winning images by bassist and artist/graphic designer Steve Hartman, the third member of Shape Shifter. Some of the top musical performers from Colorado are featured as guests on the album, which is a significant stylistic departure from their earlier offerings under various other band names. Interwoven or fused with their own varied and sometimes eclectic instrumentations and melodies are various ethnic styles, including Celtic, Afro-Cuban, Peruvian, and Moroccan. Selections from this musically eclectic album continues to be broadcast by radio stations such as KUNC Public Radio in Colorado. Recent interest in the music of Shapeshifter has inspired the members of the ensemble to begin work on a second offering...
       To quote one long-time fan, "I have run your CD through my player several times, and have yet to file it away. I am very impressed with both the musicianship and the production! I was surprised by the content at first, as I think of you more as rock and rollers. This disc has much more of a world music feel to it in my ears. The Uilleann pipes were just the first surprise. By the third track I had quit trying to guess what the rest of the CD would sound like!"
  The Band: Shape Shifter
       This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a first edition album (first run limited to 1,000 copies). Check it out today, and don't forget to tell your friends! See a list of tracks, listen to samples, or buy it now.